Our vision

All of Envol Vert’s projects can be traced back to one simple idea, one key belief which motivates our activities. This belief is that:

liane_rouge_Credit Lea Durant« The forest helps us, so let’s help it ! »

It was with this aim- to forge a more sustainable relationship between humankind and our environment- in mind that Envol Vert was created; created with a desire to raise awareness of the wealth which forests can and do offer us, of the vital role which they play in our daily lives.

We hoped to take collective action, united under the banner of Envol Vert in order to:

• Support clearly defined and effective projects aimed at combating deforestation, whilst also encouraging conservation and biodiversity
• Support solutions proposed and implemented by local groups, communities, cooperatives, small associations…

Envol Vert is firmly committed to the social aspects of its work as there is little point in protecting a forest without offering local populations an alternative, more sustainable economic activity than that provided by illegal wood cutting, migratory agriculture or bush-meat hunting.

The name Envol Vert, comes from the Spanish ‘envolver’: to get involved. To our mind, this is the key when dealing with a task as daunting as the preservation of the environment.
Rather than waiting for others to act on our behalf, we act on our own initiative. For Envol Vert, the vast majority of solutions are to be found at a local level.
It is with this outlook that Envol Vert plays its part in the development, support and financing of forest and biodiversity and conservation projects in the most disadvantaged countries, particularly in South America, but also in France.