Themes of projects

village foret tropicale

Three ways in which Envol Vert works to protect the forest are:

1. The conservation of primary forests by creating and monitoring nature reserve zones, and the subsequent reintroduction of indigenous species into these areas.
2. Carrying out research into and development of alternatives to deforestation, and therefore new sources of economic activity for local communities.
3. The Reforestation of damaged areas, usually in conjunction with agro-forestry or Woodland grazing programmes.

The main aims and activities of our projects include:

• Reforestation of damaged areas (both agricultural and forest land).
• Development of agro forestry.
• Local/fair/sustainable alternatives to illegal woodcutting.
• Ecotourism in forest areas.
• Creation or development of natural reservation areas.
• Centres for the conservation or reintroduction of species.
• Scientific research into a particular ecosystem or species.

The majority of projects are carried out in some of the world’s most disadvantaged countries (notably those in South America). These countries require significant support from outside if they are to succeed in their projects for environmental sustainability, and to overcome the shortcomings of their own governments in this area. Some projects are also underway in France.
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Management and monitoring of our projects

Envol Vert tries to maintain a regular on-site presence, keeping a particularly close eye on proceedings during the critical launch phase of a project and then visiting project sites to offer advice on their development, to check their progress, monitor how funds are being used, train the local participants and recruit other skilled workers in the area where necessary…