The founding members

Daisy TARRIERPresident

Daisy is a communications Professional who worked for 7 years with WWF-France, where she was responsible for the communication of conservation programmes and forging partnerships with private enterprises. One of her main tasks was heading the cross-disciplinary ‘Business and Biodiversity’ project.

She also received basic training (in Argentina) on the agroecology of South American nations countries and followed a course in ‘Multidisciplinary approaches to the management of tropical ecosystems’ at the University of SupAgro, Montpellier.

Her specialism is in Peru and the issues facing the Amazon forest, where she worked for over a year with forest negotiation projects, local communities and natural reservations. She maintains close contact with those who are acting on the ground.

She has also been a member of the National Group for Tropical Forests since 2012.


Boris PATENTREGER – Treasurer

Holding one master’s degree in Plant ecology with a specialism in land management and a second in sustainable development, Boris has been working for WFF-France since 2007. His assignment is to reduce the harmful impact and pressures which France places upon natural forests, specifically through the consumption of products for which there is a high demand in France, such as soya, palm oil and paper.

Preferring always to be where the action is, Boris has worked as an environmental educator, participated in projects to protect the environment in New Zealand and Indonesia and helped the efforts to restore the natural territories of indigenous communities in Ecuador and Peru. He also used his time in Ecuador to research into new projects and potential financial backers.

Mélanie TARRIER – Secretary

Mélanie holds a vocational degree in social work and is now working towards a Masters in Sociology at the University of Paris VIII Saint-Denis. She has long been concerned by ecological issues, and by the irreversible impact which current human behaviour may have on her own future, not to mention that of the planet as a whole. Mélanie has already worked as a volunteer for the Swiss association for cetacean protection and the Foundation for Information and Research of Marine Mammals. Her own particular area of interest is that of promoting an ‘eco-social’ approach to construction: that is to say by finding a compromise between the demands of architecture and the needs of local communities, which are often not taken into account. Mélanie’s Peruvian heritage means that she has a strong personal interest in the needs of Latin America.

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