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2019 Envol Vert Progress Report

Download the 2019 – Progress Report

2019 was a year full of projects and commitments for Envol Vert. All members are still working hard to achieve this one goal that unites them all : to preserve forests.

Overview :
  • New coffee and cocoa agroforestry projects in Peru,
  • Development of the dry forests program in Colombia,
  • A new conservation project in Yanayacu-Maquia (Peru),
  • The successful launch of the «Trees in my meadow » project in Tarn (South France),
  • The growing success of our Colombiodiversidad festival with more than 6000 participants,
  • 69 awareness raising events
  • An increasing recognition for Forest Footprint, a key tool in our battle.

Just as we are proud of our contribution, however small, and we warmly thank all volunteers for their time and partners for their financial support to help in this fight, we call for a greater awareness among governments and business and for a stronger mobilization from society.