Collaborating partners

  • The Alexander von Humboldt Institute –
    The institut is a foundation whose mission is to promote, co-ordinate and conduct research to build knowledge, conservation and sustainable usage of biodiversity as a factor in the development and wellbeing of all Colombians. The Institute is in close contact with Envol Vert in Colombia. Brigitte Baptiste, Director of the Institute, was the guest of honour for Envol Vert’s “Behind the trees” campaign activity in France running as part of the Year of France – Colombia.humb


  • Semana 
    It is a Colombian current affairs magazine founded in 1946 by Alberto Lleras Camargo. The title devoted exclusively to sustainable development is called Semana Sostenible and partners with Envol Vert on many events. semana


  • National Parks of Colombia
    A government body, runs and administers all national parks in Colombia. The body collaborates on a regular basis with Envol Vert, most notably as part of the Year of France-Colombia and our campaign “Behind the Trees”. parc