Our sponsors and partners


Ariane Construction

Ariane Constructions builds bespoke, high-end, low energy and energy-positive houses in the Gironde and Atlantic coast regions of France. For 6 years, for each house sold, Ariane Constructions finances tree planting on our Agroforestry project in Peru.


Jardin BiO’ is an innovative and committed brand of gourmet, organic foods. As a member of the 1% For the Planet global network, the company gives 1% of its turnover to environmental protection activities, notably the Maya Nut Tree project in Colombia.


Alpaga Le Monde SARL Alpaga Le Monde is a Franco-Peruvian company, based in Nantes, which offers clothing and home accessories in alpaca wool. It has built ethical partnerships in Peru, taking into account both the protection of the environment and the social conditions of breeders, workers and artisans. ALM has been supporting the Yanayacu-Maquia project since 2020.


CEDREO – La Cantine CEDREO markets 3D software intended for professionals constructing individual houses in France, Germany and the United States. It facilitates the pre-sales phase of a project for sales teams, who can quickly design a house without technical training, from 2D plan to inside and outside 3D perspectives. Cedreo has been developing its CSR policy for several years and since 2020 has supported the Yanayacu-Maquia project.


logo MDM blanc fond gris FR 2 Maisons du Monde is a producer and retailer of multi-style furniture and home furnishings. «Engageons nous», our CSR approach, is built on four pillars : purchase as a partner, design as a visionary, trade as a citizen and commit as a believer. As we are particularly concerned with wood and leather products we support the Maya Nut and sustainable cattle ranching project in Colombia and build awareness among our employees of this concrete approach to maintaining biodiversity through our programme of Solidarity Leave.



Riqueza Natural is the first-ever United States Agency for Development (USAID) large-scale program devoted to the conservation of biodiversity in the unique and endangered ecosystems of the Caribbean Coast, which is key to the country’s economic and social development. Riqueza Natural supports since 2019 Envol Vert and its program for the preservation of the dry tropical forests of the Caribbean coast in Colombia.



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The French Institute of Human Sciences is a vocational training center located in 9 cities in France, specializing in complementary medicines: naturopathy, wellness massages and specializations (auriculotherapy, endonasal reflexology, development in plantar reflexology and aromatherapy).

Faced with the current environmental challenges, IFSH wishes to commit alongside volunteer projects of environmental transition, and supports in this context the project “au pré de mes arbres” in the Tarn since 2019. 



The Voluntary Sector Development Fund has been created to help French associations training its volunteers. Each year since 2016, it supports Envol Vert by financing several training sessions for volunteers on a wide range of topic, such as sociocracy, forests conservation or permaculture initiation.



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Ethi’Kdo’s mission is to promote a consumption more respectful of people and the environment. It develops a gift card that can be used in a network of brands selected for their commitment to responsible consumption. At their expiry date, ethi’Kdo recovers the remaining amount on the cards not fully used and proposes to holders to transfer it to associations including Envol Vert.


Boutique Lobodis : cafés Pure Origine de grande qualité Lobodis is a French roaster which markets Pure Origine coffees. As a pioneer of fair trade it embodies a strong CSR through its Act&Respect approach. Since 1988, it has been developing sustainable and close partnerships with coffee producers, including the Valle Ubiriki Cooperative, located in Pichanaki in Peru. Lobodis has been supporting the agroforestry and coffee project since April 2020.


Le Labo Dumoulin is a young French brand which brews a range of organic water and fruit kefir in Alsace, respecting the ancestral recipe and guaranteeing authentic fruit kefir, without additives or aromas. Recognized for its many benefits, their fruit kefir is naturally sparkling, rich in taste and low in sugar. Thanks to its high content of natural probiotics, it helps strengthen the immune system and has dietary and purifying properties.


logo-agencemicroprojets Agence Micro Projets partners and finances small French Associations running international solidarity micro-projects. The agency supported the Envol Vert Sylvopasture project in Nicaragua from 2014 to 2016 and has supported our Maya Nut and sustainable cattle ranching project since 2017.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "nature occitane" Nature Occitane is a travel agency specialized in the region where its guides live. It works closely with local partners (guides, hosts, transporters) in Occitania and wishes to spread principles of ecotourism. As part of its social and environmental commitment it supports the project Au Pré de mes Arbres also located in the region.


Lush produces and markets fresh and handmade cosmetics made with organic fruits and vegetables, essential oils of the highest quality, and safe synthetic products. Lush supported the Peru Ecotourism project and supports now the “Chacras integrales” project trough the implementation of pilot plots for agronomic diversification in Peru.


Résultat de recherche d'images pour "Fondation Audemars Piguet" The Audemars Piguet Foundation has been contributing since 1992 to the cause of worldwide forest conservation through environmental protection and youth awareness-raising endeavours. It has been supporting since 2019 the program of Envol Vert for the preservation of dry forests on the Caribbean coast of Colombia.


Since 2006, the city of Paris supports parisians’ associations, implementing international solidarity actions through its SOLIDEV label. The city also supports Envol Vert’s project Maya nut and Restauration, as the association won the 2018 edition.
The Comité Français du Café is the main professional federation representing the French coffee sector which unifies all professions. The Comité Français du Café and Envol Vert are partners for the Paris Coffee Show 2019 and committed to plant a tree in Peru for every visitor coming to the event.


Logo_Bouygues_Fondation-RVB-recto-GR The Bouygues Telecom Foundation supports or manages awareness raising projects and/or those which build stronger links between us. As part of a call to clients to identify sponsorship projects, Bouygues Telecom decided to make a donation to Envol Vert to aid development of the Forest Footprint tool®


Logo-Lilo Lilo is a search engine which forwards advertising revenue from your own online searches to social and environmental projects. Give meaning to your searches with Lilo !


 Logo 8 Boule moyenne+Aventure copie Aventure Colombia, with their experience and deep local knowledge are the pioneers of responsible tourism in Colombia. They help finance our reforestation projects in Colombia by making a contribution for each tourist visiting Colombia using their services.


 logoAmb-Colombie-CMJN-HD The French Embassy in Colombia supported Envol Vert during the 2015 edition of the Colombiodiversidad festival together with many other associations and partners who contributed. More here.


90_20150915_logo_fondation_raja_2013_bleu The RAJA-Danièle Marcovici Foundation works at a worldwide scale to support projects for women. Since 2017 the Foundation has supported our Maya Nut Tree and restauration project in Colombia.


 ecobf The eco.business Fund is a joint initiative of investors’ intent on supporting the promotion of business and consumption practices that contribute to biodiversity conservation, the sustainable use of natural resources, climate change mitigation and adaptation to its impacts. Collaborate with Envol Vert subsiding the Festival Colombiodiversidad in Colombia.


As part of its international action, the Occitanie Pyrénées Méditerranée French Region supports solidary initiatives carried by regional associations in partnership with foreign local associations. The region has been supporting the program « Colombia’s dry-tropical forests preservation » since 2018.


Envol Vert is member of the “1% For the Planet” club. Since 2002, 1% for the planet encourages businesses to donate 1% of their profits to environmental organisations across the globe.


logo Easy life The Easylife Group designs and develops concierge services throughout France, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of employees and allow them to better reconcile work and private life. He is developing a socially and environmentally conscious approach and has been supporting the Au Pré de mes Arbres project since September 2019.


The ITANCIA Endowment Fund, a social extension of theITANCIA group, provides grants to innovative projects and concrete initiatives that aim, each at their own level, to preserve our planet. It supports in this context the project Au Pré de mes Arbres since 2018.


embleme+AFD_cmjn-1 The AFD (Agence Française de Développement) present in Colombia supports the Colombiodiversidad festival promoting Colombian biodiversity across several Colombian cities.




Created in 2013 by Triballat Noyal, the Institute Olga Triballat aims at improving health through a better nutrition. It has a special interest in the benefits of plant-based food on health issues, in the impact of organic agriculture on the planet and Human’s health, and in technical solutions to conciliate human and ecological challenges. Since 2018, it has been supporting Envol Vert’s project « Biodiversity conservation in the Tarn region » which aims at promoting and restoring old varieties of fruits with high nutritional potential.


AAAEnergie supports Envol Vert by donating computer and multimedia equipment.


logo_imprimerie_rochelaise Located in La Rochelle, a town with a longstanding reputation as a pioneer in environmental protection, the Imprimerie Rochelaise (La Rochelle printing works) has been working at the cutting edge of sustainable development for almost 10 years. The Imprimerie Rochelaise also supports Envol Vert’s work by printing our material free of charge.


Plantez Respirez offers companies the opportunity to set up green islands in their offices to improve air quality and raise awareness about the diversity of house plants and their importance for the biodiversity. They also provide monitoring and maintenance. Since October 2019 Plantez Respirez commits to support the preservation of 2 hectares of Amazonian primary forest for each green island installed, as part of the “Yanayacu-Maquia” project.



Logo Renaud Distribution

Renaud Distribution is a wholesaler for florists and floral designers to whom it offers solutions and accessories for their flower arrangements. Renaud Distribution has taken the initiative to combine its 2019 end-of-year promotional campaign with a sponsorship operation for Envol Vert, through gifts that can be converted into donations by its customers.




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La Tribu is a collaborative brand that develops grocery products having a strong social and environmental impact, with the support of its consumer community.
Its goal is to offer groceries from organic farming and a distribution network as short as possible. Its producers are paid according to the principles of fair trade, and its products are packaged with the help of disabled workers. La Tribu is also committed in a reforestation program to compensate for its activity. It has been supporting the Agroforestry and Coffee project in Peru since August 2019.
The Fondation de France is the first French philanthropic network. It gathers founders, donators, volunteer experts, employees, and thousands of associations, all committed and driven by the will to act. As part of its energy transition program, the foundation supports projects which contribute to the ecological transition and the transformation of our society. Since 2018, it has been the main financial contributor to the project “Biodiversity conservation in the Tarn region”.

The Eole Foundation aims at supporting non-profits organizations acting in the general interest, such as culture, education and social. This goal helps the foundation to apprehend patronage in a holistic way. In 2018, the foundation chose to affirm its commitment to solve environmental issues by supporting two of Envol Vert’s actions: the preservation of Colombia’s dry forests, and the support of small coffee producers through their ecological transition.


 Logo Nouveau monde Nouveau Monde and Alexis Tricoire help fund Envol Vert through the sale of the plants used in their installations such as the Two Headed Dragon at the Cité de la Mode in Paris or the Green Cabin displayed at the Grand Palais in Paris during COP 21.


Logo Australie Australie – the independent advertising agency – creates communication concepts for Envol Vert for free !
posse herera Renowned law firm Posse Herrera is part of the Trust Law Initiative and supports the Envol Vert team in the legal steps towards creating the Envol Vert Colombia Foundation



The Léa Nature Foundation aims at protecting nature and preventing environmental deterioration impacts on health. Its priorities: the link between health and environment, food sovereignty and access to seeds. Sponsor of Envol Vert since 2014, it has supported since 2018 the project “Bosque Seco Para el Futuro” (Dry-tropical forests preservation).



MyHomeArticles is a project created in 2018, resulting from 2 motivations:
–   To improve everyone’s well-being through daily objects that make life easier.
– To develop a sustainable business respecting the environment and allowing each customer to also act on their own. Within this objective MyHomeArticles is committed to donate to Envol Vert a percentage of each shopping basket.
ARRONDI-200px In 2015 was supported by two charity at the checkout initiatives run by the licenced provider microDON : these were L’ARRONDI (rounding up to nearest euro) at the checkouts of Nature et Découverte stores and microDON Paris 2015 at Franprix supermarkets.






Let’s not forget our past partners


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