Become a member

LOGO envol vert petitDo Envol Vert’s philosophy, the work that we do and our projects strike a chord with you?
By becoming a member or sponsor of our NGO you will be able to get more fully involved, help in our decision making process, stay fully updated on our progress and, above all, make your voice heard in the association through your right to vote at our Annual General Meeting.
Membership is open to any corporate body or oganistaion (businesses, collectives, research or training bodies, associations etc.), as well as any individuals wanting to support the association’s work and beliefs and to see the benefits of the good which we try to do.


We offer two different forms of membership:
LOGO envol vert petitHonorary Membership: 200€ entry fee + an annual subscription of 20€
LOGO envol vert petitStandard Membership: Annual subscription of 20€

Conditions of Membership :
Any individual or corporate body/ organisation wishing to become a member is legally required to first request membership from the administrative committee responsible for approving all new members. The price of annual subscription is agreed annually at the AGM. You will automatically be issued with a tax receipt. (Envol Vert holds the status of a general interest organisation, which means in France that 66% of your donation is eligible for tax exemption up to a limit of 20% of the sum of your total taxable income.)
How do I become a member?
By filling out the form and returning it, along with your cheque, to: Envol Vert, 61 rue Jean Pierre Timbaud, 75011 Paris, FRANCE.

( the form will be available soon).

If needed, please email to :