Our missions

Envol Vert is committed to supporting projects which are real and efficient in the fight against deforestation and where the solutions are implemented by groups of locals, communities, co-operatives or small associations…

Envol Vert’s missions

Our missions fall into two key categories:

  • Our field projects: which either support or help create local initiatives and contribute to the rural development of communities through forest preservation, ecosystem restoration and adapting to climate change in Latin America and France. We also aim to support genuine and efficient projects which combat deforestation, foster biodiversity and underpin the solutions conceived by local communities.  We promote pilot projects which combine social and ecological added value with economic development for local populations (diet, empowerment, gender equity etc…)
  • Awareness raising and lobbying activities in the countries most directly or indirectly responsible for deforestation to engage businesses and citizens in changing behaviour and consumption habits

We achieve this by:

  • Developing local conservation initiatives through helping project set up, structure and expertise development through training
  • Ensuring these initiatives bring genuine social and societal benefits by offering populations an economically viable alternative to deforestation
  • Organising and participating in awareness raising events in France and Latin America so that each of us comes to recognise the value of the forest and biodiversity to our daily lives
  • Offering the expertise of Envol Vert members to businesses so they may recognise their impact on our environment, notably through the use of our Forest Footprint tool


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