Envol Vert is offering you the chance to get stuck in by signing up to a field project!
Do you want to do your bit for environmental conservation, to get involved in a project working to protect the rainforest, a project with clear aims, aims which you feel passionate about and which could reach out to a large number of people?


LOGO envol vert petitRather than asking you for a donation towards one of our projects, we at Envol Vert want to hear about your ideas for a project of your very own!
A project suited to the ways in which you personally affect and make use of your local environment, or to your own personal goals and the needs of your employees. Once the project has been selected and funding is secured, you will be able to track its progress as if you were there on site.
Envol Vert will send regular updates on the status of the project (photos, articles, reports from local participants, videos, numerical data etc.) which you can consult in order to give more precise input or feedback as to how you would like to see the project develop. You can invite your stakeholders (investors, clients, suppliers, employees etc.) to visit the project site, or you could set up contests relating to the project – we’re always open to new suggestions!



LOGO envol vert petitThe benefits of committing to a specific project dedicated to the protection of the rainforest are multifold:
• You will MOTIVATE your workforce by bringing employees and management together on a mutual project which is engaging, non-confrontational and gives a sense of purpose, thus developing a sense of community and breathing new life into your company.
• You will strengthen the company’s IMAGE, its convictions, its reputation and highlight your commitment to sustainable development through your participation in an innovative and forward-thinking project.
• You will STAND OUT from your competitors by acting as a pioneer for biodiversity and making a valuable and sustainable contribution to the cause.
• You will SATISFY the expectations of a client base which is increasingly conscious of environmental concerns, and gain their loyalty- whether dealing with private companies, collectives or B2Bs.
• You be a WILLING participant in an innovative scheme dedicated to the principle of repaying our ecosystems for the services which they offer us.
• You will be finding an INTELLIGENT means of receiving tax exemption: In France (only), Envol Vert holds the status of an organisation acting in the public interest, meaning that donations to companies paying French taxes are eligible to claim a tax reduction of 60%, up to a limit of 5 per 1000 in a year’s overall turnover.
LOGO envol vert petitThis is your chance to take real ownership of a project, to work at the heart of a mission, to bring your ideas to life, to get the attention of your stakeholders…

In order to help you achieve this, Envol Vert can offer you a wide range of events, conferences and support tools to help make your project known and ensure that it thrives. We can provide you with:
• A Press pack presenting the project
• A Press release announcing your sponsorship commitment
• Annual reports and progress reports
• Photos of ‘before’ the project and then photos throughout the year to track its development
• Project updates, as little or as often as you require, in the form of videos, interviews with local participants, accounts of individual experiences, data measuring the success of the project- depending on the nature of the work carried out and your specific goals (e.g. number of trees planted, effective quantity of CO2 stored, carbon credits sold, financial benefit to the local population…)
• A Sponsor’s certificate, plantation award or pollinator’s booklet- depending on the nature of the project
• Gift packs for your employees or stakeholders «a tree planted for you … Congratulations on sponsoring Xm² of primary forest » etc.
• The opportunity for your most loyal clients or investors to visit the project site, or the chance to organise a competition among your employees to win this privilege.
• Envol Vert’s presence at events of your choosing (project launch, in-store events, charity fundraisers or events…) or at project presentations to your stakeholders and / or employees.
• Secondment of your employees wishing to participate in or develop new skills to support your sponsorship of the project.
• A “snowball” initiative to engage the support and investment of your customers, employees, stakeholders for the project.
To ensure that any partnerships we enter into are reliable and dedicated, both parties will sign an official agreement. We will also establish a committee to oversee the project, the members of which will meet 2 to 4 times a year to maintain momentum in the partnership and to monitor its progress according to the pre-agreed criteria.
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Daisy Tarrier – co-founder of the NGO

Morgane Le Bastard – Partnership manager