Find Below the list of Envol Vert’s colaborating partners.


  • Clong Volontariat
    Envol Vert is a member of Clong Volontariat and also sits on its Board of Directors. Clong Volontariat is an organization where members work and reflect together together on the issues facing those involved in international solidarity initiatives.clong
  • Coordination Sud
    Envol Vert is also a member of Coordination Sud – Solidarité Urgence Développement – which helps French international solidarity NGOs to professionalise and also represent their interests to public and private institutions around the world.coord
    CIRAD sat on the expert committee for our forest footprint tool, notably informing the discussions on methodology. cirad
  • Université Paris Diderot – Master MECE
    Directed by Béatrice Bellini, The master MECE helped in developing the initials works about Forest Footprint with Envol Vert. A MOOC is also in development. did
  • Agence 148

The 148 is a creative and technical agency in love with plants and with the digital world. For 2018’s New Year, it has organized an interactive greetings campaign at the benefit of Envol Vert with an online plateform and a strong concept: 1 tree virtually planted = 1 euro donated to Envol Vert for its projects of forests preservation. The 148 also advises Envol Vert for its digital awareness, advocacy, and calling for donations campaigns.

  • Simplon

Simplon is a social enterprise licensed “solidary” (ESUS) with a strong commitment to limited distribution of profit, participative governance, and low wage gap. It advises enterprises and associations regarding their digital transformation and their website evolution. In 2018, it realised a complete analysis of Envol Vert’s digital communication tools and graciously helped the association to improve its visibility. 

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  • Stratngo Consulting

Created in 2015, Stratngo Consulting is an ESSEC Business School association which offers pro-bono advices to NGOs. Stratngo helps NGOs by providing them pro bono services such as strategy consulting, marketing strategy and financial consulting in the fields of health, environment, education, human rights and culture. Between 2018 and 2019, it has helped Envol Vert designing its animations offers for the French public and private sector. 

  • CPIE des Pays Tarnais

The Permanent Centre for Environmental Initiatives (CPIE in French) is an association created in 1984 under the law of 1901. The CPIE is a local departmental structure which impulses, develops networks, and values environmental initiatives and eco-responsibility. From 1984 to 2018, the CPIE of Pays Tarnais (a French local district) has developed many educational and awareness raising projects about environment, but also advocated for sustainable development on the Tarn territory. The CPIE has been working with Envol Vert since 2018 on the project “Biodiversity conservation in the Tarn region”, by providing a technical support on amphibian biodiversity conservation. 

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  • Université du Nous
    The Université du Nous worked with us for 18 months to help develop our governance model and roll out our collective intelligence tools.nous
  • Café Delirio  is a friendly, lively French Colombian hangout where you can rediscover the pleasure of wine and coffee tasting via products bought directly from the producers themselves. We started working with Envol Vert in 2017 joining in the awareness raising campaigns in Paris. As part of the Year of France-Colombia, Café Delirio co-ran the event “Behind the Trees” raising awareness of risks facing Colombia’s extraordinary biodiversity. Résultat de recherche d'images pour "café délirio logo"
  • Occitanie Cooperation’s objective is to enable each citizen, community and business to work towards a fairer world by respecting the principles of joint project development, sharing and reciprocating. This network promotes the work of international aid organisations based in the Occitanie region of France. Envol Vert, present in the town of Castres through its project promoting historic fruit tree varieties is a member of Occitanie Coopération since 2017.

Latin America

  • The Alexander von Humboldt Institute
    The institut is a foundation whose mission is to promote, co-ordinate and conduct research to build knowledge, conservation and sustainable usage of biodiversity as a factor in the development and wellbeing of all Colombians. The Institute is in close contact with Envol Vert in Colombia. Brigitte Baptiste, Director of the Institute, was the guest of honour for Envol Vert’s “Behind the trees” campaign activity in France running as part of the Year of France – Colombia.humb


  • Semana
    It is a Colombian current affairs magazine founded in 1946 by Alberto Lleras Camargo. The title devoted exclusively to sustainable development is called Semana Sostenible and partners with Envol Vert on many events. semana


  • National Parks of Colombia
    A government body, runs and administers all national parks in Colombia. The body collaborates on a regular basis with Envol Vert, most notably as part of the Year of France-Colombia and our campaign “Behind the Trees”. parc