What goes unnoticed seen behind the planting of every tree ?

All too often our projects and donations seem to boil down to simply planting trees. However, behind every reforestation project lies not only a group of men and women trying to reconnect nature with local activities, but also a lot of equipment for transport, planting, cultivation…and even coffee to get each day off to a good start.

Revealing to the general public what lies behind a reforestation project enables them to support these initiatives for a sustainable future for man and our forests. This is what we seek to achieve via our crowdfunding platform.

The reforestation project

Envol Vert supports an agroforestry project on the Caribbean coast: planting trees on land used for crop and livestock by farmers in order to preserve their soil and enhance biodiversity. This project also nurtures alternative sources of income to those derived from deforestation and improves the living conditions and food quality of the local population.

While in the Colombian dry forest a mere 8% of natural forest remains, here farmers explain why they are planting trees.

Thanks to all our partners such as the Maisons du Monde Foundation, all4trees and the agency 148 who helped us develop this platform.

This project already sees nearly 100 families enjoy a better quality of life. Your donations will help expand this project to other communities in Colombia.