An organization for the preservation of forests and biodiversity

Envol Vert is an association for forest protection and rural development. Since 2011, we fight for the preservation of forests and biodiversity in Latin American and in France, while creating strong relationships with local population to foster their own conservation initiatives, take part in a sustainable rural development and develop economic alternatives to deforestation. Envol Vert is also highly involved in raising awareness through sensitisation and impact campaigns.

Envol Vert was created with the purpose to reestablish a sustainable relation between humankind and our environment and in order to raise awareness regarding the wealth of the forest, what it brings us and without which we wouldn’t exist.

Envol Vert comes from the Spanish word “Envolver” which means to get involved. That is essential seeing the challenge we face to preserve the environment.

Envol Vert relies almost fully on volunteers in order to conserve its budget for local interventions and take part in the emergence of a new type of commitment from citizens.

« The forest helps us, so let’s help it! »

Envol Vert develops concrete and effective projects and encourages businesses and citizens to change their mode of production / consumption

Envol Vert’s missions

To develop concrete and efficient fieldwork projects that support or bring forth local initiatives by inhabitant groups, communities, cooperatives or even small associations; To take part in the rural development in relation with forest preservation, ecosystems restoration and adaptation to climate change in Latin America and France.

These initiatives must bring both a social and societal added value by offering populations alternatives to deforestation and ensuring the development of skills through trainings. They are generally projects to reforest damaged areas (forest or agriculture), for agroforestry, for local / fair / sustainable alternatives, or projects to support natural reserves or restore flagship forest ecosystems and their biodiversity.

To implement actions to raise awareness and advocate in countries that are the most responsible directly or indirectly for deforestation, in order to involve companies and citizens in behavioral and consumption changes. This is done through the organization of and participation in events to raise awareness in France and Latin America, the launch of alert and incidence campaigns and the promotion of Forest Footprint.

Envol Vert supports local populations

Envol Vert’s field view

Envol Vert develops an environmental vision based on the success of a diverse rural development, including 5 dimensions to its projects:

  • An environmental dimension, through forest preservation, the implementation of restoration areas and ecological corridors, the reforestation of watercourses and the adaptation to climate change.

  • A food dimension that covers the food sovereignty of recipient communities thanks to agroforestry systems, diversification of agricultural cultivation and fostering of “edible” trees.

  • An educative dimension, to foster the involvment of local communities, raise their awareness and develop their competencies through training.

  • An economic dimension, thanks to economical alternatives that offer more sustainable resources than those originated from illegal tree cutting, migratory agriculture or hunting.

  • A civil society strengthening dimension by supporting the organization in associations and cooperatives, fostering exchanges between producers and bringing forward themes such as empowerment, genre,…

Monitoring of projects

The good operations of projects is in particular ensured by teams onsite and by regular training of people involved in the project. A quality and quantity monitoring is carried out through numeric indicators. These indicators are linked to each project dimension (economic, social, societal, political and environmental) and help assess Envol Vert’s contribution, the relevance and efficiency of projects as well as adapt their guidelines.

Envol Vert works in sociocracy and thanks to its volunteers

The Team

Envol Vert acts for the preservation of forests and biodiversity

Our Reports

To find out about our activities, consult our annual reports.