2016 Envol Vert Progress Report


Download the 2016 Progress Report

In 2016 Envol Vert celebrated our 5th anniversary. We saw growth in our field projects and some wonderful awareness raising activities.

A fruitful year, punctuated by major breakthroughs in our field projects: the forming of new partnerships, a first Solidarity Leave trip with employees of Maisons du Monde and the third edition of the Colombiodiversidad festival.

At year end we launched the Butterfly Effect, a campaign reflecting the very essence of Envol Vert, which is typified by our environmental, social and economic work, conducted mainly in the field together with local populations. The objective of the Butterfly Effect is to show that our actions here can have a significant impact over there. In 2016, Envol Vert once again demonstrated our impact.

2016 also saw significant strengthening in our countries of influence. Firstly through the creation of Envol Vert Colombia which shares the same governance as the founding organization Envol Vert France. Also in Peru, with the presence of our first Voluntary Service Overseas volunteer working as country manager.

Download the 2016 Progress Report

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