Since 2006, the OCCITANE Foundation has been supporting self-help and environmental protection initiatives. The Foundation supports projects to fight blindness by financing quality eye care for the most vulnerable people in the world. It is committed to the emancipation of women in Burkina Faso by financing projects for the education of young girls and by supporting women in their training and entrepreneurial projects. Finally, the Foundation also supports reforestation & agroforestry projects involving local communities around the world to promote Respect for Biodiversity.

Indeed, born in the Alpes of Haute-Provence region, The OCCITANE has always been committed to the preservation of natural heritage in Provence region and the Mediterranean area. Since 2019, in addition to its commitment in France, the Foundation has been acting more broadly by encouraging L’OCCITANE subsidiaries around the world to support local biodiversity initiatives and since 2023 it has been supporting high-impact projects in the most critical areas, the biodiversity hotspots, where biodiversity is very rich but also extremely threatened.

Sponsored projects: