The Natural Regional Parc (NPR) of Haut Languedoc covers a wide part of the Tarn and Herault territories. Like others Natural Regional Parcs, it is a public establishment managed by an open mixed association. It gathers 117 municipalities, associations and private partners, and is nationally recognized for its high patrimonial and landscape values. The Natural Regional Parc aims at protecting the natural, cultural and human heritage through innovative and environmentally friendly spatial planning and economic, social, and cultural development policies. Amongst its activities, between 2000 and 2017, the Natural Regional Parc of Haut Languedoc developed a project to identify and preserve old varieties of fruits on its territory, in partnership with producers and local inhabitants. The NPR is Envol Vert’s main partner in the region for the project “Biodiversity conservation in the Tarn region”. The NPR of Haut Languedoc supports the project through the provision of its documentary resources, the contribution to the selection of benefiting farms, and the global support of all activities.

Partner project :

  • “Au Pré de Mes Arbres” project, France