Coconut oil

Coconuts have as many beneficial properties as uses and are a great food whether you’re talking about the pulp or the juice. Coconut fibres can also be used and the oil can be extracted. In the Colombian Caribbean it is grown and used in traditional cuisine.


Coconut oil can be used in cooking, cosmetics and medicine. It is antiseptic, hydrates and helps to combat obesity, heart disease and Alzheimer’s thanks to the components up of its healthy fats.

And Envol Vert ? 

The women’s group “Faldas de la Sierra” was created in Dibulla, in Guajira county, to extract extra virgin coconut oil by hand. Today this initiative has been transformed into a family business with prospects for growth.  Yolanda and her family took part in Envol Vert’s reforesting and dry forest conservation activities with Envol Vert and now sell their produce locally. Envol Vert is currently seeking to bring their production to national markets.   


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