What is ColomBIOdiversidad? 

ColomBIOdiversidad is the largest biodiversity awareness raising event in Colombia. Each year, since 2014, the festival has featured a number of free-to-attend events promoting Colombian biodiversity. The festival aims to raise awareness among and involve as many citizens and organisations as possible in preserving biodiversity and protecting the environment.

Originally held in Medellin and Bogota the festival has run in Baranquilla since 2019 and will move to Cali from 2021. ColomBIOdiversidad is organised each ear to coincide with the International Day for Biological Diveristy (May 22nd) and around a central theme such as Seas and Oceans in 2020, Forests in 2019 or Water in 2018. 

On the occasion of the 8th edition of the Festival and the 10 years of Envol Vert, ColomBIOdiversidad becomes SÚMAte al Bosque and extends to the city of Cali and to Peru!

An original approach

“To protect you must love, to love you must understand”.

It’s from this underlying principle that ColomBIOdiversidad has experimented with and adopted many different formats to reach as broad a public as possible:

  • Photography and public speaking competitions to build participation in sharing powerful messages about protecting biodiversity

  • Practical workshops to help festival participants take concrete action:

    Sustainable cooking and making your own environmentally friendly hygiene products are just two examples of the steps towards preserving biodiversity which ColomBIOdiversidad participants can experience.  

  • TED X conferences and citizen debates to spark dialogue

  • Sensory and audio journeys, yoga sessions and meditation to help discover from the inside the profound links between humanity, nature and the living

  • Concrete actions during the festival such as the “plantathons” to reforest damaged zones close to the town 

Volunteers and partners

Each year the festival rallies a large team of Colombian and French volunteers who give everything they have to make the events a success. The festival also depends on an extensive network of more than 50 partner organisations including: Colombian Universities and Institutes, NGOs, artists, businesses, top chefs, citizen groups and media who come together to raise awareness of preserving the biodiversity without which none of us can live.  

I want to support the next edition of ColomBIOdiversidad

Citizens, businesses, organisations linked to themes of biodiversity and the environment; we can all do something to make ColomBIOdiversidad a rich and galvanising event!

Become a sponsor of the ColomBIOdiversidad festival. Thanks to my financial support I contribute to the event organisation, I strengthen my company’s societal and environmental engagement and I benefit from the significant national visibility the event enjoys !

Are you a French business currently or soon to be present in Colombia ? The ColomBIOdiversidad Festival is the ideal event to position your business in a positive, ecological environment of solidarity.  

Each year, ColomBIOdiversidad receives multiple donations of prizes for competition winners from organisations which also offer their skills and expertise to help produce the Festival events. Can you offer some prizes for the competition winners? Are you a communications, advertising, production or translation agency? Lend your expertise to ColomBIOdiversidad and become an official Festival partner!

I want to sign up as a full-time volunteer to help run the Festival (spaces are limited, candidates undergo a selection process). If you live in Colombia, you can be a part-time volunteer for a few hours a week or just during the Festival. 

Don’t have the time right now? Make a donation to support the Festival !

Join us to help organise an event as part of the next edition of ColomBIOdiversidad!

The ColomBIOdiversidad team are constantly seeking new, original ways to get our message across and reach new audiences.