The French Agency for Biodiversity, merged since 2020 with the ONCFS under the aegis of the French Biodiversity Office, has supported the awareness project of “The Forest has goose bumps”. This is a pilot project aimed at making our “Forest Footprint” indicator available to the general public via the Open Food Facts database,   around fifty consumer products from the poultry industry (meat and eggs). Indeed, this is the French sector with the greatest negative impact on so-called “imported” deforestation, in particular because of the soybean used as chicken feed, which induces deforestation. 

In order to launch this pilot project, the recreational interactive “Super Bosquet” – Super Copse – stand will be available at various events, such as the IUCN in Marseilles in September 2021. We are looking forward to your visiting our stand!

Partner project :

  • Forestal Footprint Campaign