Community-based Agritourism in the Colombian Caribbean.

Cartagena is Colombia’s most touristic city and although it boasts many activities and attractions for tourists, few can offer visitors such an authentic, human and environmentally friendly experience as ASOCALIM (Asociacion des paysans de los Límites). Located 1 hour from Cartagena, the place known as Los Limites has a unique feature: the locals have built, with Envol Vert’s support, an alternative to deforestation thereby securing their own food sovereignty and embedding it in their way of life and culture.

When a visitor arrives in Los Limites, they have the opportunity to share the locals’ history and agroforestry experience by visiting the land where it all happens. Farmers turned tourist guides accompany you sharing their knowledge of the plant and wildlife, medicines and sources of food to be found in their forest. ASOCALIM propose a full or half-day tour, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience which includes sampling a traditional Caribbean menu, planting your own tree, immersing yourself in the forest and its biodiversity a d going home with a pot of jam as a souvenir.

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