Project SEVE : Fair, Lively and Committed Forestry


The SEVE project, for a fair, lively and committed forestry aims at involving citizens in the sustainable management of forests, at supporting forest owners and at boosting the wood craft sector in Haut-Languedoc (France).

Aware of the rich variety of forests in Haut-Languedoc, Envol Vert launched the project in 2021 with the twofold objective of developing a multifunctional and resilient forestry involving citizens and de-veloping the local woodcraft industry.

In this context, Envol Vert plans to:

  • Set up and coach a group of voluntary forest owners to develop their forests, both economically and for other – social, environmental, and educational – services they can offer
  • Coordinate the wood craft sector to make it more dynamic and accessible to future builders
  • Rally and support a Citizen Forestry Group in participatory governance. The financial support and the training provided will enable us to purchase forest plots and sustainably manage them
  • Raise both adults and children’s awareness by organizing activities such as educational walks, meetings with wood sector professionals, workshops, etc, to discover and preserve forests.

Immersion in the “SEVE” Project

Discover in pictures the project “SEVE” for a fair, lively and committed forestry

Click on the interactive map to find out more about the Haut-Languedoc Regional Nature Park

Emblematic Species

Introducing some of the emblematic species present in the project area.

European Beech
(Fagus sylvatica L.)

Common Genet
(Genetta genetta r

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