Yanayacu Maquia Concession


The Yanayacu Maquia project initiated in 2006 by the Franco-Peruvian association Biodiversity Amazonia, has been supported by Envol Vert since 2018. Its main objective is to preserve sustainably an area of around 100 000 acres of virgin forest in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon in partnership with the local communities. Envol Vert withdrew from the project at the end of 2023 after more than 5 years of support.

The territory of the Yanayacu-Maquia concession, located in the heart of the Amazon and very difficult to access, is of exceptional ecological wealth. It is still “well preserved” thanks to the work of the association with the local communities and the vigilance of the park rangers.

Local communities have access to extremely basic health and education conditions. They depend mainly on forest resources for their livelihood. However, the territory and its surroundings where the communities live face increasing pressures and threats generated by illegal activities in the area: deforestation and habitat degradation, hunting of protected species, overfishing and non-selective fishing, unsustainable agricultural practices, and various forms of pollution. These unsustainable resource exploitation practices further weaken the living conditions of the populations and the sustainability of the area’s natural resources.

To respond to this, Green Takeoff and Amazonian Biodiversity, with the support of their technical and financial partners, have set up an ambitious action plan to work in the long term with the communities around 3 main axes: vigilance and scientific research, the development of economic alternatives from forest products as well as the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices.

Immersion in the Yanayacu Maquia Project

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October 2023

August 2023

June 2023


The actors of the project, participating farmers but also salaried or voluntary workers talk about the project.

Economic alternatives

We are working very closely with the local population looking at sustainable economic solutions
so that they can find a great interest to preserve the forest, the living forest.

Emblematic species

Introducing some of the emblematic species present in the project area.

The conservation concession of Yanayacu-Maquia hosts an exceptional biodiversity and has been protected since 2006. 

Although it is difficult to evaluate the number of species, teams regularly come across many emblematic species such as: 

Amazon dolphin
(Inia geoffrensis)

(Panthera onca)

Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtle
(Podocnemis unifilis)

(Mauritia flexuosa)

Black caïman
(Melanosuchus niger)

Red macaw
(Ara macao)

(Dipteryx micranthaharms)

Giant otter
(Pteronura brasiliensis)

(Swietenia macrophylla)

(Hura crepitans)

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