Envol Vert seminar – March 2015

A look back at the Envol Vert twice-yearly seminar – March 2015

[EQUIPE]Equipe seminaire mars 2015(2)©D.Tarrier

Envol Vert held its first twice-yearly seminar on 7 and 8 March this year at Château de Sepmes in Tourraine region of central France.

Welcomed by Morgane and Ben, the 22 volunteers present and our employee Elise spent these two days busy working and reflecting on a variety of issues, coordinated by two speakers, Lydia and Guillaume from the Université du Nous (UDN).

On the agenda:
– Workshops on governance and storytelling exercises focused on Envol Vert’s message and elements of its vocabulary,
– Presentations on the high points for Envol Vert in 2015,
– Group sessions to make real progress with issues such as Envol Vert’s future involvement in the COP21, the life of the association, communication on the Forest Footprint tool, and so on.
– Plus plenty of sunshine, cider and fajitas!

A number of volunteers from the field were present while others joined us live from Colombia. They presented a review of their projects, including the local contexts, the techniques implemented and the future challenges.

These two days were also the opportunity to look back over the first year of partnership with the UDN and to continue with work on the implementation of a sociocratic governance model within Envol Vert. Decision-making by consensus, triage meetings and the idea of elections without candidates were all looked at during a number of exercises appreciated by all participants, and will help strengthen the involvement of volunteers within Envol Vert.

A huge SMILE for all the volunteers present, for helping to make this weekend seminar a really warm, welcoming get-together.

Save the date! See you in September for the second Envol Vert seminar!