The Conclusion to the Paris COP21 Talks

Finally a worldwide consensus has been reached, but one which does not go nearly far enough…

Ordinary citizens need to keep making their voices heard!

« Given what could have happened, this agreement is a miracle. Given what should have happened, it’s a disaster. » The Guardian

For the first time ever, every country present made a commitment to cut greenhouse gas emissions to the CCNUCC, to limit global temperature rise to 1.5 degrees, and to review each country’s promises and progress every 5 years. Admittedly it’s a big step! China and the USA are finally doing their bit.

Yet we are still doing far from enough to truly limit climate change, and progress is too slow given the gravity of the situation. Moreover, the implementation of these promises is dependent upon the ability of each nation to pass the necessary laws and decrees to ratify the treaty and make their commitments a reality.

The question of financial aid to facilitate any changes made is yet to be settled, even if 100 billion has been put aside (when we will in fact need 4 times as much): How, with such inadequate funds, can we encourage the move towards 100% energy from renewable sources, encourage others to make the necessary changes? It is also deeply concerning to see that the treaty makes no reference to cutting out fossil fuels, nor to limiting emissions coming from air and maritime travel.

Having realised this, it is up to ordinary citizens and NGOs to keep making their voices heard and pushing for the changes that we need to make to happen.

Envol Vert is not giving up

At Envol Vert we hope to keep on developing our work with local communities in Latin America, where we help people to commit to forest conservation by providing them with a means of sustainable income through sylvopastoralism and agroforestry. Yet it isn’t enough to campaign where the trees are being cut down, but also in the countries who import the raw materials and by-products of deforestation. We at Envol Vert are therefore going to increase our efforts in France and across Europe, especially through the promotion of our ‘Forest Footprint’ tool. This tool will continue to raise awareness about the link between consumer habits and deforestation, hopefully encouraging others to change their shopping habits and make ethical choices about the products they buy…

Change is everyone’s responsibility; it truly is a global issue! By changing our consumer habits, we can make big businesses change theirs. Please give any support you can to the work that Envol Vert is trying to do.

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