Envol Vert’s tools for measuring the quality of our work

For four years now, Envol Vert has conducted surveys among our key constituencies: the local populations benefitting from our projects, partners, donors and volunteers (both in France and on site).

These surveys enable us to know what they think and feel and thereby calculate social, societal and environmental impact of Envol Vert. To do this, these qualitative measures are used to produce indices.

The detail of each index is shown in the form of a spider (or radar) chart featuring:

  • An overall index (out of 1)
  • Five different dimensions
  • Each dimension is made up of 2 or 3 components scored using a traffic light system: Green (High), Orange (Medium), Red (Low).

Read more about these tools in the following pages of the 2017 Envol Vert Progress Report :

These project evaluation tools measure Envol Vert’s capacity to stem deforestation whilst enriching the quality of life of those who benefit from the projects we initiate.

Agroforestry and rehabilitation of degraded areas

An overall index of 0.65 tells us the economic and societal benefits are somewhat mixed. It’s on an environmental level that the added value is at its greatest.


Ecotourism & Conservation in the Peruvian Amazon

The overall index is the highest at 0.78. Across all five dimensions the added value of Envol is perceived as very high.

The Maya Nut Tree and sustainable ranching, Colombia

The overall index is at 0.78, but the project beneficiaries don’t share the same high perception of the economic development brought by the project.


Forest restoration and The Maya Nut Tree, Colombia

The overall index is high at 0.74. The lowest score is for revenue creation thanks to the forest whereas the environmental benefits are perceived as the greatest.

The Global Fulfilment Index measures the level of fulfilment Envol Vert brings to its volunteers and field workers

Leaving aside the high overall index of 0.79, this tool enables us to identify, among other things, training and skills development requirements within Envol Vert.


The Partners’ Index measures Envol Vert’s contribution to our partners, societal engagement

The index reaches a very satisfying 0.75, in particular on the quality of our projects, value fit and overall satisfaction of our partners. But Envol Vert’s partners believe they draw fewer benefits from their collaboration with us – based on the Benefits and Contributions index which remains at 0.57.

Our Donors’ Index shows satisfaction with Envol Vert and a good fit between their values and ours

The donor satisfaction index, measured for the first time in 2017, reached a very high 0.80. All 5 dimensions are showing green, with one exception:  our capacity to engage is a little more limited.


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