Guáimaro considered as an alternative economy

Protecting the environment can present challenges to reconcile economic activities with forest conservation activities. This is why Envol Vert supports the development of economic alternatives that involve the preservation of the Colombian dry forest. One of these economic alternatives is the commercialization of Guaimaro.

The tree of life, an alternative economy

In the panorama of economic development and conservation we find the Guaimaro, a tree which has a great potential for the creation of food products. Currently we are investigating ways of transforming it. We are taking into account the market of this product in Central America. Nowadays the product can be found in infusions, gluten-free cookies, energy drinks, healthy breads, chai Maya, herbal blends, chocolate blends, flours and powders.

In Los Limites, a community located between the departments of Bolívar and Atlántico, the processing of roasted Guaimaro flour has been explored. The process permits a long conservation period of the product. It can be prepared in different traditional dishes such as those mentioned above.

A tree with many virtues

Researches about Guáimaro reveals its nutritional characteristics, such as its high value of protein, iron and calcium. These properties make it a valuable nutritional supplement especially for communities. To encourage its consumption some events such as the Guaimaro festival are organised. Cooking competition are being set up. The objective is to strengthen people’s ties with the forest and improve their diet quality.

Envol Vert supports the community of Los Limites with technical and commercial development. The aim is to offer a safe and quality product to potentially interested people. As it is an unknown product Envol Vert also works with chefs to invent recipes that could be presented in the gastronomic world. This is a key point for the Guaimaro entering into the culinary world and its commercialization.

There is still much to discover, develop and preserve in terms of cook with Guáimaro. Our biggest motivation to continue promoting this product is the rescue of the dry forest as well as the way of life of its inhabitants.

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