The role of the gastronomy in Guaimaro conservation

Undoubtedly, our choices at the table have a series of consequences for the environment. Behind every plate there is a whole lot of processes that originates in the soil.


The industrialisation of food

The industrialisation of food production has transformed the planet and our way of eating. This implies direct consequences for human health and the environment.

Although many of us experience these effects, it seems that the connection between what we eat and where these foods come from is lost. In cities we know little about the plants that feed us, as well as the people that produce them. However we are inseparable from nature, no matter how far we are from her.

Cooking is one of the most enjoyable way to revitalize this connection with the land. Foods awaken the five senses and provide energy and nutrients. This is a way to reconnect with the delicacies growing in the fields. Some chefs are inspired by this experience and are recognizing the qualities of the natural and healthy food. They understand the link between the quality ingredients and the protection of ecosystems and their inhabitants. The idea is to highlight the different regions of Colombia through the originality of their products.

In Colombia there is a great diversity of foods: some to discover, others to be forgotten or rejected and others overexploited. Both manufacturers and homes are part of this dynamic, because what we love to eat the most is what we produce the most. But what would happen if we forgot that we love homemade soup?


Maintain culinary diversity

In the cooking world, there is some concern that the Guaimaro could be forgotten. There is a genuine desire to maintain the diversity of quality regional products on the table. In the gastronomic world there is a tendency to give more importance to local product. This term has a great resonance on Instagram and makes these foods more visible on the international platform. By observing these aliments more closely, we notice that they speak about a specific culture, our environment and a story that is also ours. The guests also have an important place in this progression. It is essential that they are open minded, sensitive and willing to leave their comfort zone in terms of taste.

Aside from Guaimaro the local environment has a lot to offers such as forests, seas, rivers, fruits, seeds, animals, roots, flowers. All of these wonders and more can be defined by their aromas, textures and flavours.

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