Maya Nut Tree, the tree of life

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The Maya Nut tree produces bountiful edible seeds which can be harvested twice a year. Although they embody one of the most representative foodstuffs of Central American culture, considerable efforts are being made in Colombia to safeguard ancestral knowledge of how to prepare the nut and to re-integrate it in the national diet. 

The Maya Nut has many qualities:

  • Tapirs, parrots et monkeys love them
  • Farmed animals (cows, pigs) can be fed on its highly nutritious leaves
  • The Maya Nut Tree is able to fix nutrients in the surrounding soil, fertilise and protect it from erosion
  • It’s drought-resistant and boasts a superpower for fixing CO2 in the soil

But it can feed us too. We have conducted multiple analyses which reveal it to be a most effective nutritional supplement. The trees seeds contain: 

  • High levels of amino acids (tryptophan) which are important for hormone and antibody production, sleep and mood regulation. It is high in protein.
  • Fibre to help with good digestion
  • Calcium to build and strengthen teeth and bones
  • Iron, essential for body growth and development among children and for strong muscle development
  • Potassium which helps regulate blood pressure and is important for women who are breastfeeding and children as it reduces anaemia

Through our partnerships with multiple chefs we have also drawn up many recipes. The nut has similar flavours and aroma to coffee and chocolate with hints of fruit and vanilla and can be used raw or cooked.  It can be dried and roasted to make flour for multiple uses such as: bread, cakes, pasta, batter, tea, energy bars…

For the last 3 years the Los Limites community have been holding the Maya Nut Festival. 

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