Humanity’s greatest scourge is our indifference.

Regaining control of our own ecological impact is the first step towards transforming our environment and being able to persuade our governments and industry to react. Individual actions can influence markets but alone are not enough.

This is why we are asking each French citizen to join us in demanding a ZERO FOREST FOOTPRINT policy. 

We hate trees

The shock video from the agency Australie.

No, at Envol Vert we haven’t lost our minds and our commitment to protect the forest remains.

“We hate trees” primary message is to remind us all just how how urgent it is to act

Zero Forest Footprint for the government

On November 14th 2018 the French government adopted a National Strategy against Imported Deforestation (French acronym SNDI) which seeks to end deforestation caused by the import of forest or agricultural products by 2030. This represents an important first step but it is not binding.

We, the responsible French citizens and associations fighting to preserve forests around the world, have launched an appeal to public and private decision-makers to implement binding measures to reduce imported deforestation from 2020.

This petition drew more than 180,000 signatures and a forum attracted the support of more than 12 NGOs.

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The Zero Forest Footprint Pact 

To coincide with the local elections held in France in March 2020, the all4trees collective launched the “Zero Forest Footprint” Pact , which is already supported by 21 civil society organisations including Envol Vert.

Environmental concerns are at the heart of voting decisions, yet, how can we talk about environmental protection without mentioning the protection of our forests? We have recommended taking specific actions to contribute to forest preservation in France and around the planet.

It’s now up to our local representatives to take ownership of these 22 measures and integrate them in local policy.

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NGOs Rallying Cry

Public decision-makers

Answer our appeal and implement measures by 2020 to respect the undertakings you gave at the New York Declaration on Forests. The battle against imported deforestation is the principle leverage available to France to effect change. To achieve this:

  • The National Strategy against Imported Deforestation (SNDI) needs to be signed into binding regulations for the public and private sector

  • Put an end to the tax advantages currently enjoyed by biofuels and stop the projected investment in biofuel refineries built on French territory for processing palm oil.

  • Fight against imported deforestation linked to soya and meat by integrating the Zero Imported Deforestation imperative in negotiations around Free Trade agreements and as a priority the EU-MERCOSUR FTA.

  • Take concrete measures to drive the reduction of public meat consumption the production of which is heavily dependent on imported soya.

Private sector decision-makers

Answer our appeal and the France’s demands to achieve Zero Deforestation !

  • Respect your commitments to “zero deforestation in 2020” which so many of you signed up to but with, to date, so little to show for it

  • Look beyond the certification process as a means to preserve the forests, these certifications have clearly demonstrated their limits. Improve the tracing and transparency of at-risk products by working this into your supply chains.

  • Take concrete steps to reduce consumption of products dependent on raw materials which cause deforestation, the solution being to restrain their use.