The mango – an irresistible fruit

Originally from India, mangos are now grown in virtually all tropical and sub-tropical regions of the planet.  In Colombia the fruit is harvested from April to October and many Creole varieties are grown commercially but also grow naturally in the forest. During harvest the quantity produced exceeds the community’s sales capacity and much produce is lost. 


The sweetness and flavour of this fruit has held the world’s attention, but, rich in vitamin C, it also favours iron absorption, formation of red blood cells, collagen, teeth and bones. These vitamins are also antioxidants. Thanks to all of this, the mango is held up by experts as most useful in treating anaemia or blood infections.  

And Envol Vert ? 

Envol Vert has been supporting development of skills required to process and preserve mangos. As part of this initiative, Le’Frut, a working group made up of women from Santa Rita de la Sierra à La Guajira was created. The mangos are used in a variety of sweet and savoury dishes and can be used to make jam or sauces. The women of Le’Frut produce mango chutney and jam from ripe or green mangos. Production of dried mangos and the extraction of mango seed oil for use as a cosmetic are also currently being co-developed with the communities.  

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