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Au pré de mes arbres – Tarn


The Au Pré de Mes Arbres project seeks to develop robust and sustainable farming methods whilst enhancing wild and domesticated biodiversity in the French county of Tarn.

To meet these objectives, we made the decision to support groups of farmers in setting up an approach based on agroforestry. We enable the integration of fruit trees suited to current and future local conditions with trees with multiple benefits (improved fertility, melliferous [aid bee-foraging]). For those with relevant objectives and suitable land it is also proposed to restore or create ponds which favour biodiversity, most notably to preserve those amphibian populations which are most heavily impacted by human activity. 

This project began in 2019 with a first-year class of 15 farmers located mainly in the Sidobre region and the Haut Languedoc regional natural park. In order to broaden the range of farming systems and profiles covered by the project it has now moved on to the Cocagne and Lauraguais areas.

Through this project Envol Vert is

  • enabling and guiding the setting up of agroforestry projects through a yearlong training programme, providing material and plants (cuttings, rootstock and trees); 
  • driving the networking of those involved in agroforestry in the county of Tarn
  • raising awareness of these methods through open days, collective working and communication 
Walk the Agroforestry Road with us

Immersion in the “Au Pré de Mes Arbres” Project

Discover in pictures the project “Au Pré de Mes Arbres”

Visit a plantation site of the project (2020)

Click on the interactive map to find out more about the Tarn county agroforestry projects Envol Vert is involved in



The actors of the project, participating farmers but also salaried or voluntary workers talk about the project.

[Feature coming soon!]

Emblematic species

Introducing some of the emblematic species present in the project area.

The marbled newt
(Triturus marmoratus)


The Janissole apple
(Malus domestica ‘janissole’)


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