On going projects

Coffee and cocoa agroforestry in the Amazon


The “Coffee and cocoa agroforestry in Amazonia” program aims to restore the ecological balance of the zones covered, support the families of those Peruvian growers involved in the field projects and to strengthen sustainability of the coffee/cocoa industries.

Agriculture et Patrimoine à Socota / Pisba


Ce projet vise à recréer le tissu social et l’identité paysanne de Socotá à travers la valorisation du patrimoine environnemental, agricole et culturel grâce à l’action de l’association majoritairement féminine Agrosolidaria à l’initiative du projet.

Au pré de mes arbres


The aim of the project is to enhance the ancient and local biodiversity of the Tarn, mainly the region's ancient fruit tree species as well as the Batrachian populations.

Dry Forest Program Colombia


The objective of this program carried out in Colombia is to preserve the last dry forests, of which only 8% of the initial surface area remains.

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