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Coffee and cocoa agroforestry in the Amazon


The “Coffee and cocoa agroforestry in Amazonia” program aims to restore the ecological balance of the zones covered, support the families of those Peruvian growers involved in the field projects and to strengthen sustainability of the coffee/cocoa industries.

The project is based on the development of agroforestry models through planting a variety of native timber, fruit and other beneficial trees on plots dedicated to coffee and cocoa production or areas degraded by agriculture. 

The search for sustainable economic alternatives together with awareness raising activities both seek to preserve the last surviving wooded areas and to limit migratory farming which is the chief cause of deforestation in these areas.

The program is being jointly implemented with five co-operatives of coffee and cocoa growers. They are involved on a daily basis in the planning and execution of project activities providing both financial and technical support. 

Walk the Agroforestry Road with us

Immersion in the Agroforestry Coffee and Cocoa Program in Peruvian Amazonia

Discover in pictures the Agroforestry Coffee and Cocoa Programme in Peruvian Amazonia

Click on the interactive map for a more detailed view of the project’s land plots

Project News


The actors of the project, participating farmers but also salaried or voluntary workers talk about the project.

José, technicien agronome pour Envol Vert

Technicien de terrain pour Envol Vert à Tingo Maria, José Antonio Santos Pisco, 23 ans, nous parle de son travail et des problématiques que le reboisement entraîne.

Pilot sites

This program is implemented on different pilot sites. Discover here every area’s specificities.

Economic alternatives

To ensure farmers hold a vested interest in preserving forest stocks and the living forest
we work together to seek sustainable economic alternatives.


Emblematic species

Introducing some of the emblematic species living on the project area

(Amburana cearensis)


Andean Walnut Tree
(Juglans neotropica)


Big Leaf Mahogany
(Swietenia macrophylla)


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